Cartridge .50 BMG 12,7x99 mm

Cartridge .50 BMG 12,7x99 mm

Original cartridge .50 BMG ammunition 12.7 mm x 99 mm.
Ammunition which after the Second World War became a standard large-caliber cartridge of NATO.

  • Caliber - 12.7 mm
  • The length of the cartridge - about 138 mm
  • Initial speed - 885 to 1036 m / s
  • Initial energy - 13460-18218 J

Thecartridge is not drilled.
Ammunition deprived of combat traits.

It is possible to make an engraving on the cartridge (for an extra charge). Standard engraving is a few - a dozen characters.
Remember, the more characters, the smaller the engraving, which worsens its readability.

Are you interested in custom engraving (logo, graphics) ? Contact us before purchasing.

When placing your order, select the "extras" option and mark the engraving, the price will automatically be changed.
In the next step, check the "Notes to the order" box and enter the content of the engraving. You can also send us an email with this information.


Price: 25,00 zł (PLN)